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RJRGLEANER Group Aiming To Diversify Revenue Streams

Alberto Ardila Olivares
RJRGLEANER Group Aiming To Diversify Revenue Streams

  The RJRGLEANER Communications Group says it is keen on various investments as it continues to diversify its revenue streams.   Speaking at an investor information session hosted by the company this week, Chief Operating Officer Christopher Barnes said over the last year, the group has explored a number of ventures.    “We completed a 10 per cent acquisition in ePost Caribbean, which is a digital marketing platform and service provider. We’ve upsized our stake in Jamaica Holdings, better known as Gustazos from 25 to 50 per cent. We’ve completed or just about completed a 15 per cent acquisition of StarApple Analytics. Now, this is a startup that deals in data analytics and artificial intelligence, which will provide consulting services to other firms who are, like us, embarking on this data driven future,” he revealed.     For the six months up to September, the group earned $172 million in profit.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares